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308 Church St., Houma, LA
next to Downtown Jeaux/across from courthouse 
ph: 985-232-8605
M Power Yoga is a spacious boutique Yoga studio in Downtown Houma with a relaxed vibe, awesome view, fun community, and welcoming environment located at 308 Church Street in Houma.

Class Descriptions:
Hot Power Yoga (75/60/Express & Rock'eMPower) - Heated
Power Vinyasa yoga classes range from 75, 60, or 45 (express) minutes focusing upon alignment awareness, breath, gaze, core engagement, and inquiry. The Power practices are challenging, accessible, and suited for all levels.  The main room is heated between 85 to 90 degrees.  Express classes are lightly heated.
Level 1 or beginner classes will be labeled and spend more time instructing alignment, poses, and modification techniques.
Rock'eMPower Yoga is a power based class with jams to move your body with less queues and more fun! 

Adaptive (Chair/Restore) Yoga - Not Heated
Adaptive yoga uses the folding chair as a prop, in addition to the wall, blocks, straps, and bolsters.  Adaptive yoga is our most accessible class and designed for students with physical challenges who may find it difficult to get onto & back up off the floor.  Breath work (Pranayama) & meditation is often incorporated into the sequence.  The classes are adapted to the students in attendance and can vary from week to week.  This practice is wonderful for increasing circulation, movement capability, and overall vitality. A goal could be to increase movement to attend a gentle flow or power class.

All Access, Gentle Flow, & Everybody YOGA - Not Heated
All Access, Everybody yoga, and Gentle Flow classes are very accessible for a broad group of people in Houma.  Whether you are training in multiple disciplines, new to Yoga, or new to fitness, All Access is a great place to build a foundation for your practice and body movement.  Everybody yoga is designed for a positive & supportive approach to yoga offering pose modifications, meditation, & unique sequencing. This is a perfect class for people who struggle with the belief that they are not fit enough, flexible enough, or have the right BODY for yoga.  Gentle Flow yoga is for anyone who prefers an non-heated class option and a relaxing, gentle class.  These classes are suited for all levels and support a wide variety of athletes.  The room is not heated but warm enough to help protect muscles.

Restorative Yoga - Not Heated
Gentle, relaxing, deep releasing & meditative style of Yoga class that utilizes bolsters, straps, blocks, yoga chairs, weighted bags, blankets and other props for longer held poses inspired by Yin Yoga & BKS Iyengar restorative studies. This class focuses on releasing neck, shoulders, and hips tension while reducing overall physical and mental stress. The practice often includes breathing technique, meditation and Yoga Nidra